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Our history

First local cosmetics brand

Behind Mademoiselle Saint Germain hides the ambition and ardor of Charles Cracco, pharmacist, passionate about botany and history.

Promise of local botanical virtues, the King’s Vegetable Garden of Versailles instills in him the desire of creating skin products with these plants. “Why not unearth the benefits of these ancestral plants under the prism of new and local treatments?”

Mademoiselle Saint Germain was born.

We all have a memory of the Vegetable Garden: child memory, perfumes memory, memory of the earth, or more simply through our reading. Mademoiselle Saint Germain promises to offer what nature is capable of providing to our skin in the most total simplicity.

charles cracco pharmacien recolte thym
Charles, pharmacist and creator, participates in the harvests at the King’s Vegetable Garden
carte france producteurs locaux
Map of France with our partners, suppliers of ingredients and packagings

At Mademoiselle Saint Germain, the most important thing is to do as little as possible …

… the least possible impact on the planet of course.

Because Made in France does not mean local, at Mademoiselle Saint Germain we go further.

#1 A research and development laboratory in France.

#2 Ingredients that come both from the King’s Vegetable Garden but also from local and responsible producers that you will discover through a Tour de France.

#3 Cosmetics made in Lower Normandy, with French packaging.

champs ble coucher soleil