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Glowing skin is nothing but expressive skin: sebum is the skin’s natural defense reaction. Excessive production can be explained by dry, unbalanced, damaged or simply excessively nourished skin. It is therefore important to use a mattifying product which acts on the shiny appearance of the skin by absorbing sebaceous secretions. To respect the balance of the skin, choose a treatment that combines mattness and hydration.

Mademoiselle’s secret: Everything is in the ritual, you have to combine the right products to obtain optimal results. To prevent the skin from shining in the middle of the day, I apply the Tonic and Revitalizing cream each morning: it’s the perfect combo!

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  • creme jour hydratante matifiante concombre amidon mais
    creme jour concombre hydratante matifiante visage
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    Cucumber cares

    Day cream with cucumber