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Cucumber mask

Cucumber mask

1/ Cucumber face mask

Cucumber, this star summer vegetable is on everyone's lips. We see it everywhere, on plates, in juices but also in many skin care products and more specifically for the face. Very good composition, its high water content gives it moisturizing and soothing properties in the face of inflammation or irritation. We know the cucumber for its virtues for the body and the organism. Many recipes put it forward for a healthy diet in order to find the line, indeed very low in calories it is recommended to consume it regularly. It's not the price that will put you off, the cucumber is very cheap. A few slices in the salad and you're done!

Do you want a clearer, fresher skin without impurities and well hydrated?

The cucumber will become your ally to be all beautiful. For this, cucumber is often widely used in face masks. There are many variations to suit all skin types and needs.

We often tend to call it a vegetable but in reality the cucumber is indeed part of the fruit family. Opt for a fruity and seasonal mask which consists of mixing half a melon with half a peeled cucumber, adding a tablespoon of fresh cream, then leave on your skin for twenty minutes then rinse thoroughly with fresh water. You will see this mask is a real treat for sensitive skin.

Making a face mask once or twice a week is recommended, if you are looking for a hydration booster mask, favor a product with cucumber, rich in water, among its ingredients, it will be the ideal treatment. To stay up to date, use cucumber. You can alternate green clay mask and cucumber mask.

2/ Cucumber mask against acne

It's time for us to reveal all the secrets of this star ingredient, we're going to release all our grandmother's recipes. Indeed cucumber is often used in the face of skin diseases or difficulties such as acne. You often wonder how to get rid of pimples naturally and what products to use to treat acne. We will reveal everything to you. There are many recipes for homemade masks that will allow you to find skin with a smooth, soft and perfect complexion in all seasons. Cucumber in a treatment acts against imperfections, dilated pores, but also eliminates excess sebum which gives a shiny appearance to your skin. Opting for a cucumber mask will help the skin facing this condition and recover much faster. It is the composition of this food that gives it so many anti-acne effects. Composed of 97% water, it is also rich in vitamins, A, C and E, in natural oils but also in amino acids and minerals. Its astringent, antiseptic, exfoliating, anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties help restore fresh, renewed and sparkling skin. The little advice with cucumber is to use it with another natural ingredient with the same properties for an in-depth and above all effective treatment.

3/ Cucumber and honey mask

As we mentioned just before for an effective facial treatment, it is advisable to combine cucumber with another ingredient, preferably organic. What's better than honey? This is often honored for face masks. It is ideal for combination to oily skin. This cucumber and honey-based mask is a "radiance boost" mask that makes the skin smooth, quenched and brighter.
Honey has many benefits for a healthy glow effect. Indeed it is endowed with many mineral salts, trace elements and also vitamins galore, which gives it superb qualities, it is: Softening, antioxidant, regenerating, antiseptic, purifying, moisturizing, healing and even emollient. So what about the cucumber/honey mask, is it a DO or definitely a DON'T? A little advice for the application of this facial treatment, spread it over the entire neck and face as soon as the preparation is finished, but it is recommended to avoid the eye area. You just have to let the mask act for 5 short minutes, massage quickly in the form of small circles, rinse with lukewarm water and that's it. Then apply your treatment or moisturizer to complete this beauty routine.

4/ How to make a cucumber beauty mask

To tell you the truth, there is nothing easier than cucumber masks, the first step and you probably suspect it, you have to go to the market to find 1 or two ORGANIC cucumbers, which will allow you to rinsing it well with water to be able to use it in its entirety with the skin. Then to make a mask, it is best to mix the cucumber with another natural ingredient or even with half a yogurt to have a preparation with small onions.
The homemade masks are very easy to use, the preparation is often instinctive but for an in-depth treatment of your skin, turn to treatments such as our range with white cucumber from Bonneuil.

Mademoiselle Saint Germain treatments:

The cucumber has been relocated to the Potager du Roi de Versailles, especially for the needs of Mademoiselle Saint Germain care. This range with cucumber Blanc de Bonneuil consists of 3 facial treatments: Cucumber day cream (our best-seller) new vintage of the old revitalizing cream, this day cream retains the same active ingredients but we have added corn starch for the mattifying effect. Then we have the Eye contour, anti-puffiness and concealer which will sublimate the look and finally if you are looking for a great cucumber mask, why not try our Exfoliating / moisturizing mask with Fontainebleau sand. A little anecdote, the sand of Fontainebleau is the finest sand in the world, and on top of that, it is perfectly round, which allows a gentle but nevertheless very effective exfoliation. Our cucumber skincare range is a range filled with freshness which is further enhanced by a sweet scent of rhubarb. So, swap your good old homemade mask for a Mademoiselle Saint Germain treatment, natural and local products. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this mask.

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