Fig body milk, a gourmet journey

Today we present to you the Organic Fig Body Lotion, our new beauty product for the body.

Organic fig body milk from the South of France, the latest addition to our "Secrets du Potager" collection, whose ingredients come from different vegetable gardens and orchards in France.

Main ingredient of our body milk, we offer you a trip in the middle of the orchards of Provence, to meet this delicious delicacy: the organic fig with its sweet and gourmet scent. We imagine it warm, full of sunshine, tender and unctuous. Do you hear the cicadas? We yes...

The fig, this Mediterranean fruit, pulpy, sensual, sun-kissed, brings us so many benefits!

Good to chew

So what does this appetizing fig bring us? First of all, concentrated in minerals and trace elements, that is to say, rich in potassium, copper and iron. Very good in energy intake, the fig is also rich in vitamin B.

The active ingredients contained in the fibers of the fig would play a significant role in the fight against certain diseases, including cardiovascular diseases and chronic diseases. We consume it seasonally and regularly! 2 seasons for the fig (it depends on the varieties): June and September.

Benefits for the skin

Strong moisturizing power

On the skin, the organic fig can also boast of its moisturizing power. Applied in cream, face lotion, floral water, balm or in body care, the fig helps the skin of the face or body to maintain a good level of hydration.

Repairing and restructuring active ingredient

Organic fig extract is also a restorative active ingredient: its antioxidant power helps fight skin aging. To finish the praise of this prodigious fruit, the restructuring power of the fig is considerable on the skin thanks to the AHA acids which have a stimulating action on the synthesis of collagen and fibroblasts. The dermis is thus thicker and the skin plumper.

Our sweet organic fig from the South of France is therefore moisturizing, antioxidant and restructuring for your skin, but above all, respectful of the planet! We do not organize the delivery of shea, aloe vera or other nourishing ingredients from the 4 corners of the world for the formulation of our beauty treatments.

You now know why the fig was the lucky winner of our body milk!

In addition to its dermatological qualities, the scent of the fig is recognized as a fragrance filled with sunshine.
Whether it reminds you of a Sicilian vacation, a wedding in the south of France or simply a morning foraging in a market, its unique scent will awaken all your senses.


A must have for body hydration

Our fig body milk also contains grapeseed oil. Its antioxidant content helps fight against the signs of skin aging. This oil deeply nourishes the skin and is also known as a sebum-regulating and deep-cleansing oil. It is the secret to skin as soft as a baby's.

Suitable for all skin types, dry or not, and for all members of the family, our new body milk will stand out as one of the essential body products for your summer, believe in our opinion. The hydrated summer body is yours! Its silky and light texture penetrates instantly to deposit a satiny veil without greasy effect on your skin, unlike creams or moisturizing butter that we usually find among moisturizing body care products on the market. Filled with softness, the skin is smoothed and perfumed with a subtle scent of figs throughout the day. Perfect for restoring elasticity to your skin, this fig treatment is ideal for your post-tanning sessions, after a good fresh shower, with why not a scrub to remove dead skin before applying your favorite body treatment to soft and hydrated skin.

Its fully recyclable bottle is part of Mademoiselle Saint Germain's zero waste approach.

This product is our first body treatment and is added to our range of products and facial treatments. Do you love our moisturizing face products? Our cream, our balm, our eye contour gel? Believe in our opinion, this sweet novelty, hydrating, nourishing and gourmet will convince you!

Discover without further delay the Body milk with fig, to test at all costs!

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