Crème de ma vie Featuring @beaute_glam à Noël

Crème de ma vie Featuring @beaute_glam at Christmas

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Did you like our Radiance Cream? What do you use it for?

I like this cream, especially its light and fine texture. It moisturizes my skin very well which is even more important. It can be used in all seasons.

What is your beauty ritual for your skin in winter?

My beauty ritual in winter is as always: a make-up remover oil, a cleansing foam, a moisturizer, serum or oil and a night mask (face and lips).

What is your "wishlist" for Santa Claus?

To answer you sincerely, I do not have a wishlist for Santa Claus. I prefer surprises.

Would you describe yourself as a "natural" woman?

Like a woman in search of nature. Passionate about this rich universe full of wonderful discoveries.

Thank you a thousand times beaute_glam

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